Asinine Arguments

If you’ve worked with kids for any significant amount of time, you will see yourself somewhere in this, since some kids love to argue for the sake of the argument.  And sometimes we engage in an argument that is just plain stupid.

If you want the entire 6-minute video, then here it is.

The moral of the story is that it is important to realize that there are many times when an argument is simply asinine.  See also: senseless, idiotic, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, nonsensical, inane, moronic.

An argument with a preteen or teenager is usually avoidable.  But first, you must recognize what is happening.  You must understand the warning signs of an unnecessary argument.  Here are some possible reasons to postpone the argument for a better time, or to simply disengage from the discussion entirely.

  • It’s a truly petty issue (from all perspectives).
  • One of you is very tired, hungry, hot, or hormonal.
  • One of you is deeply upset about some other issue.
  • Blame is falsely-placed (they have to take out their anger on someone).

Point being that, more often than not, arguments are avoidable.  It’s best to post-pone the discussion, and be sure to actually revisit the issue at a better time, and deal with it more effectively.

In addition, it’s crucial to remember that being right is not the most important thing in the world.  In fact, the relationship with a person is more important than you feeling that you are right.  Therefore, don’t beat up the other person with your “rightness.”  Don’t demand that they acknowledge how very right you are or how very wrong they are.  Instead, choose to err on the side of love, rather than fueling your need to feel right at that moment.

Author: Andy Kerckhoff

I'm a husband, father, teacher. I'm doing my best, wishing I could do better, and trying to help others to effectively lead kids through early adolescence.

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