Best Parenting, Teaching Books

I recently read a blog which touted a new book called NurtureShock which seems to dispel a wide variety of well-accepted myths about raising children in America today.  It seems like a very interesting, well-researched book.  Unfortunately, I have a stack of a dozen excellent books that I want to read when I get the time.  The time for me is usually in the summer. But buying one more book right now doesn’t make much sense at this point in my life.

However, if someone were to say, “You REALLY need to read this book.  It helped me so much,” then I would surely put it on the top of the stack.

So, I am asking you — Yes, you — for suggestions.  I am begging: What is the best book you have read on parenting, teaching, or coaching? Please leave a comment (anonymous is ok), even if it’s just the title and author.

Even better: Leave a comment about the worst book you have read on the topic, or at least the worst part of a book.  Or perhaps there is an author or talk show host who says all the wrong things.  Bring it on.

Author: Andy Kerckhoff

I'm a husband, father, teacher. I'm doing my best, wishing I could do better, and trying to help others to effectively lead kids through early adolescence.

8 thoughts on “Best Parenting, Teaching Books”

  1. Awesome author, speaker, etc. (obviously my opinion)

    Dr. Ray Guarendi

    States: As a father of 10 (honest, ages 10 through 22) and a clinical psychologist, author, public speaker and national radio host, families have been my life.

    His books;

    1. You’re a Better Parent Than You Think
    2. Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime

  2. Best book for middle school teachers, specifically: “Meet Me in the Middle” (Rick Wormeli). Pretty much anything by Rick Wormeli will help make middle school teachers better. He’s one of those master teachers who can do it all, well.

  3. Best movie for coaches would have to be “Radio” with Ed Harris and Cuba Gooding, Jr. It’s as good as Hoosiers, and better than Remember the Titans.

  4. Grace Based Parenting (Tim Kimmel) and How Children Raise Parents (Dan Allender). Both are so, so good!

  5. Worst book: Babywise and Growing Kids Gods Way both books by by the Ezzos.

    Best books:
    You Can’t Make Me But I Can Be Persuaded by Cynthia Tobias (on the strong willed child)

    Best parenting program/seminar: Discipline without Damage….here’s the website:

    Best advice: Read a lot and then decide for yourself. PRAY!

  6. I really LOVED two books by William Glasser: The Quality School and The Quality School Teacher.

    Also, there is a book by Eric Allenbaugh called “Wakeup Calls”. It isn’t a parenting book but it is so easy to read and there is a chapter called “The Dirty Dozen” about 12 things people tell themselves and others to escape accountability. I’ve used it for years and kids really get it actually enjoy “catching” themselves, each other (and sometimes me!) using the excuses like “I forgot”. I will probably write about that chapter myself later this month!

    Love your writing! Hope these helped.

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