Turning 40

I just got back from spending four days in Winter Park, Colorado, with six of my best friends.  We met in college and have been close friends since, largely due to the fact that we get together every summer for what we call Fandango (long story).  This is the year when we are turning 40, and the theme of this year’s Fandango turned out to be “dealing with mid-life.”

I will write more on what we concluded about avoiding a mid-life crisis, but for now, enjoy this video related to what pains us about what we do at forty.

2 responses to “Turning 40”

  1. That video is hilarious! Love it! I’ll have to share it with Jeff since he’s exactly 2 weeks away from the “Dad Life.” Every suburban dad would appreciate that video. 🙂
    – Susan

  2. My husband and I are a couple of years into our 40s and very much resonate with your thoughts. We are taking your list of suggestions on our vacation as talking points as we pray and plan for this next season. And thank you for debunking the idea of finding “balance”!

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