Role Model Wrestler

Anthony Robles, is an All-American student-athlete at Arizona State University, where they describe him on their athletic website as… “one of the top high school wrestlers in the nation… won the Arizona state championship twice after finishing sixth as a sophomore… went 48-0 in each of his last two seasons…”  Since high school, he has finished 4th and 7th at the NCAA Wrestling National Championship in the 125 pound division.  By all accounts, he is described as humble, hard-working, studious, and friendly.

The twist to the story is that he was born with only one leg and uses crutches everywhere he goes.  He can run a mile in 8 minutes on crutches and hopes to get it down to just 6 minutes.  For more, check out these videos.

Author: Andy Kerckhoff

I'm a husband, father, teacher. I'm doing my best, wishing I could do better, and trying to help others to effectively lead kids through early adolescence.

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