Raising the Perfect Parent

Always Kiss Me Good Night: Instructions on Raising the Perfect Parent (compiled by J.S. Salt) is the best advice that kids (ages 8-12) have for parents. Here are a few gems.

  • Make me be beautiful. (Jackie)
  • Write notes on my lunch box napkin. (Jenny)
  • Think when you were a kid and not yell so much. (Joe)
  • Be proud of me, even when I don’t get all the answers correct. (Sachi)
  • Sit down and have a conversation with me. (Kathleen)
  • Treat me like you treat your customers. (Karen)
  • Tell me what is right and what is not. (Tyler)
  • Say, “It would help you if you do it this way,” instead of, “You are doing it wrong.” (Linden)
  • Don’t laugh at me when I ask questions. (Julie)
  • If I get in trouble, let me face the consequences. (David)
  • Stimulate my mind. (Christopher)
  • Let me play in the dark or play in the tree. (Jaclyn)
  • Help me with my homework. (Casey)
  • I want to be in charge, but you still be in charge because if I grew up without rules, I’d grow up to be dumb and spoiled. (Christine)
  • Let me have my own style. (Stephanie)
  • MORE FREE TIME!!! Don’t fill up my life every minute of the day. (Christine)
  • Don’t be so serious with me. (Sarina)
  • When you go on a business trip, remember to call me every day. (Andrew)
  • Take me places I’ve never been. (Charles)
  • Tell me a story about when you were a child. (Stephanie)
  • Try to give me reasons before you send me to my room. (Stuart)
  • Don’t spoil me and then later on yell at me for being spoiled. (Ariel)
  • Take me somewhere special once in a while, by myself, without my sister. (Vivi)
  • Eat dinner with me. (Jessica)
  • Let me show you all of my creations. (Charles)
  • Read to me (even though I can read).  (Amanda)
  • Listen to me when I am talking. (Allie)
  • Don’t scream at me because I am small and I am not perfect. (Jessica)

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