Questions Kids Have But Don’t Ask

Here are some of the big questions kids (10-14) have, although they will rarely, if ever, vocalize them.  Understanding the questions is half the battle; having all the answers is not necessary, even if it were possible.

Who are my real friends?  Who really likes me?  In which group do I belong?

Who am I?  How am I like and different from others my age?

What will I do with my life?  Will I be important?

What sort of career and family will I have?

What will I look and act like when I am a grown up?

Am I cool?

Am I respected?

Do I look okay? What can I do to look better?

Do I have the right things?  What should I buy?

Where will I have success?  What activities should I pursue?

What are my gifts and talents?  Am I special enough to be successful?

Will my family always love and support me?  What would make them reject me?

Will I be loved?  Who will be there for me?

Who really loves me – no matter what?

Can I be happy?   How can I be happy?

What would happen if I died?

Is there really a God?  Is he pleased with me?  Am I a disappointment to God?  How can I please God?  Is there a Heaven and a Hell?  Are there lots of Gods?  Does it really matter how I live?  What happens when I believe something then don’t do it?

How important is it to be totally honest?  Is integrity really that big of a deal?

Will life get better?

(Please leave a comment below if you can think of another common question in the mind of teens.)

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