My sister gave me some great parenting advice: “Did you know that if you sit with your teen while they do homework and just do your own thing, they will randomly stop and share stuff?  Pretty cool trick!”


It reminds me that the best moments in life come from just being with your kids.

Be yourself.

Be available.

Be with.

3 responses to “With”

  1. What a great suggestion. And it works!

  2. Hello my name is sidney meeting my daugther after 7 yrs am scared to death can someone give me advice to bulid a healthy relationship with her she is 15

  3. Sidney, I would say that you should focus on affirming her and asking for forgiveness for anything that she resents. Be humble as you guys talk things out. Then do something fun together. That is where I would start. Read my book, Critical Connection, for more information and advice. That is why I wrote it. To help you and others in similar situations.

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