A Great Book for Teachers this Summer

22 04 2017

Scott Holley bookEvery teacher — no matter if they teach kindergarten or grad school — should read this book carefully and reflectively. It is a superb discussion about what it takes to help a teacher go from good to great. It should be a textbook in every educator training program, and it should be on every teacher’s summer reading list. If you could only buy one book for a teacher, this is it.

Reading this book is like watching a highlight reel of a great classroom teacher’s most memorable highlights, bloopers, failures, and quotes from a storied career in education. The master teacher is sharing all of his best stuff.

Scott Holley has loads of personal experience in secondary school classrooms, but he does not rely solely on his own interesting experiences. He blends dozens of personal interviews with some of the nation’s best classroom teachers with quotes from the world’s most renowned educators, authors, and researchers. He tells stories that shocking, funny, touching, and cringe-worthy. 

As a teacher, it is humbling to read this book. I have been teaching for 24 years, and this book exposed all my shortcomings. In fact, I felt sheer embarrassment at times. However, Holley is equally encouraging that you can improve. He inspires change and gives specific ideas about how to do so. It is a highly practical book, written the way all college textbooks should be (but so few are). This book is for all those teachers who know that they can be better, which is all of us. After one reading, my copy is all dog-eared and underlined.

Click here to purchase on Amazon for yourself or for a teacher you know. It’s the perfect summer reading book because teachers don’t have time to read much during the school year.



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