Becoming Tech-Wise: Philosophy of Use

Becoming Tech-Wise: Philosophy of Use (Part 2 in series)

Technology continues to improve, but is our use of technology improving? Not if we use all our high-tech devices and apps with their default settings. Not if we use them in whatever way feels right at the moment. Not if we go along with what everyone else is doing. Nothing will improve unless we personally change the ways we use technology during our days.

As parents, teachers, and coaches of young people, we see the current struggles that they are having with technology, and we would like to do something about it. But we have little idea about what to do to be helpful.

The answer begins with us. We need to attempt to gain control of our own digital lives, as we also try to help young people gain control of their digital lives. We should put high-tech tools to use in their proper places, and that includes putting them away at times. We need to become tech-wise, not just tech-savvy. We need to lead by example, and teach from our experiences.

These 2 questions ought to work together:

  1. What are some strategies and tools that will help me to use technology in a healthy way?
  2. How can I lead the children in my life to use technology in a healthy way?

Philosophy of Use

We choose to use technology carefully and thoughtfully, as individuals and as families, to become more:

1.  Connected with the people in real life.

2.  Focused at work, at home, and with friends.

3.  Wise in making informed choices in life.

4.  Healthy in body, mind, and soul.

We want to be sure that our devices are making us more connected with significant people in our real world, not less. That includes our family members, friends, neighbors, and mentors. We want to use technology to enhance already existing personal relationships within our communities. We want to strengthen these relationships by staying in touch, giving encouragement, and seeking advice with whatever tools seem most effective for the time and place.

We want to be more focused at work, at home and in all our relationships. We will minimize distractions and maximize positive personal communication, so that we can be where our feet are. We want to use screens in a moderate way, not according to what is culturally normal. Engaging the real world is of paramount importance, with a constant awareness of the costs & benefits of connecting to each device.

We want to use high-tech resources to gain high-quality information and advice from experts that will help us in making wise choices. Using all these information tools can aid in learning, as well as reflecting, about life’s most important things. Knowledge is power. Wisdom is even better.

We want to use high-tech tools to gain health. We want to increase our physical health through better diet, exercise, and sleep patterns. We want to reduce our screen time, in order to create space for rest and renewal of body, mind, and soul. We value down time from screen time. We will take digital sabbaths during our days, weeks, and months. We want to leave space for thinking, boredom, praying, meditating, talking, and creating.

NEXT UP:  Tech-Wise Strategies (The nitty gritty details)

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