Every parent wants happy, healthy, loving, wise children who make us proud. And we want to have satisfying relationships with them. Accomplishing that is a lot easier said than done, especially in the middle school years, when it seems like everything is working against you and your family.

Ad for CCWIt takes more than love and good intentions to guide a child through adolescence. Parenting in this age requires intentionality. It takes deliberate, sometimes difficult, reflections and actions. In addition to a lot of trial and error, it takes some research, analysis, discussion, reflection, and planning.

So, when was the last time you assessed your parenting beliefs and practices in detail? It’s likely that either you have never done it, or it’s been a while.And a lot has changed in your child and in the world in the last few years, hasn’t it?

Now, it’s one thing to read a parenting book or have a talk with your spouse about your kids. But it’s another thing to really dig in and work it out. Everybody wants the results, but not everybody is willing to work hard to make progress. It’s hard work, but it’s far from impossible.

I wrote the Critical Connection Workbook as a guidebook for your personal journey into better parenting during the years of early adolescence. You can improve the health and happiness of your family in short time.

Because it’s organized topically, you can dig right in to any chapter that interests you. You don’t have to go through it systematically. It’s not a six-week program or anything. It’s an easy-to-use resource. There are plenty of choices of topics, such as: academics, athletics, social life, smartphones, discipline, and many others. Feel free to skip questions or chapters as you wish.

Also, consider partnering with some other parents. It makes a great study guide for small group discussions.

Give it a shot at where it is available as a paperback.


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